Emergency contraception (EC )

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Position of a cavity rim cap

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morning after contraception

EC is defined as the use of drugs or devices to prevent pregnancy within a few days of unprotected coitus.
It is also called “morning after” contraception .It is very safe method and prevents 75%
of expected pregnancies resulting from unprotected intercourse.

When to use EC

  1.  When OCP users forget to take pills for two consecutive days.
  2.  When condoms break or slip
  3.  Diaphragm or cervical cap moves out of the place.
  4.  Women using calender method and if there is any miscalculation of the dates.

Drugs used for EC are

1 Yuzpe regime

Two doses of 100 micrograms of ethinyl oestradiol and 0.5mg of levonorgestrel.
first dose is given within 72 hours of the intercourse.second dose is given 12 hours after the first dose.
side efects are nausea and vomiting in 20 to 50 % of cases.This regime is usually not given due to its side effects.

2 levonorgestrel regime

It is the commonly used drug for EC due to lesser side effects and cost effectiveness.

0.75mg of levonorgesterel is taken 12 hrs apart starting within 72 hrs of the unprotected coitus.this is a better tolerated regime.
levonorgestrel is a synthetic progestogen.It prevents pregnancy by inhibiting the ovulation , thickens the cervical mucus and prevents the implantation of the embryo.

3 IUCD like U-kare or cuT

Within 3 days is appied.failure rate is less than 1 %.
It is a long term contraceptive method.

4 mifepristone (RU486) 600mg within 72 hrs can also be given.

Some of the drugs containing levonorgestrel are

Pill 72 (cipla) contains levonorgestrel 750mcg.2 tablets are to be taken within 72 hrs.

second tablet is taken 12 hrs after the first dose.

Ecee-2 pill (German remedies ) contains 750 mcg of levonorgestrel. 2 tablets are to be taken within 72 hrs.

second tablet is taken 12 hrs after the first dose.

Norlevo (win medicare ) also contain 750 mcg of levonorgestrel.dose is also the same.

I-pill ( cipla ) contains 1500 mcg .single dose is given within 72 hrs.vomiting with 1500 mcg is more than with 750 mcg dose


mifepristone comes in a pack of 200 mg. 3 tablets will cost more.drugs having mifepristone are… Unwanted , mefigest etc.

It is a synthetic steroid and if taken after intercourse and before ovulation , prevents ovulation even if taken in smaller doses.

It is an abortion pill and nowhere in the world it is registered as an EC pill.woman must be aware of these drugs , their mechanism of action , side effects ,failure rates and the diference between an abortion pill and “morning after pill” or an “Emergency pill”.


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  1. clare

    i badly nid help

    • Dr. M Ahmad

      Which kind of help you need?

      • bhagia

        yes which kind of help ?

  2. lilian

    is it a must i take another dose of Ecee2 after i had tbe 1st dose 30minutes after sex?

    • bhagia

      yes two more pills after 12 hrs of the first dose

  3. abigail

    what is the effectiveness of taking tealeaves in large quantity mixed with cold water as one of the way of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

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