MRgFUS Magnetic Resonance Imaging -Guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery

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High intensity ultrasound is focussed on to the tissues affected and MRI allows the tissue targeting and real-time temperature feedback.It is controlled and localized without damaging the adjacent tissues.

The beam travels through a gel pad and water bath , which creates acoustic coupling.
Advantages are–
It is a non invasive technique.
Exact tissue targeting is done.
Beam path can be visualized using MRI
Real time thermometry.
Post treatment contrast imaging for evaluation of the outcome.
Success rate :80%
Side effects :Buttock pain and leg numbness in some women which resolves spontaneously.It is due to sonification of the sciatic nerve.
Dr Mala Shrivastava, consultant Gynecologist and obstetrician, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital–AOGD bulletin, April–2009

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